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Since 1979

February 2010 Chinese New Year Seminar of Masters Photos

   Our February three day Seminar of Masters was a great success and was attended by students from Sacramento, Santa Ana and Temeculah California, Sante Fe New Mexico and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma! 

In addition to classes students were treated to trips to Chinese New Year celebrations, Imperial Beach Pier, bird watching at Chula Vista Marina's wetlands preserve, a seminar party and a night time beach bonfire on Coronado Island.

  Above, Ralph Laoshi Latimer from Phoenix Rising Kung Fu San Soo in Oklahoma City instructs some students at the San Diego Seminar.

  Below, Master Latimer demonstrates the hook swords.

   Below, Master Latimer demonstrating.


   Below, early morning chi kung class in the upstairs studio.


   Below, Master Dinsmore with Sensei Greg Kaye, D.C., former Grand Nationals Champion Kodokan Judo, who participated in our seminar.



 Master Latimer with Black Belt Dan Rivera, who

attended from Santa Ana California.













  Chris Simu with Chi Kung practitioner

Noel Kaufmann who attended from 

Sante Fe New Mexico.











 Eli Robertson attended from Oklahoma City.









  The Kung Fu San Soo Chula Vista Lion dancers celebrated Chinese New Year.



  Below, San Diego's Wah Lum Wu Shu Academy lion dancers at a celebration attended by some of our seminar students.


 A field trip to the Pacific Ocean.


June Seminar for Special Ops Marines at Pendleton


October Gathering of Masters Oklahoma City





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