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Chula Vista California

Since 1979

Since 1979

Chi Kung

Chi Kung is a wonderful tool for restoring  health, peace and vitality to one’s life.
Consisting of very simple exercises and meditations it cultivates the body's energies.
Chi Kung means internal energy circulation and was developed in China by Taoist monks.

Chi Kung can be practiced by young and old alike, and those who practice  benefit enormously from the health benefits received.

With consistent Chi Kung practice, you will experience enduring benefits reflected in your life, work, and relationships.        

Your mind and body will become exceptionally alert, powerful, and energized  for use in all aspects of your daily life.
Class and private lessons are also available in Kwan Yin Zheng Yi Chuan Chi Kung internal exercise for health.  Yi means intention, will power, or a single minded focus of energy.

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